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Instead, use the list format by following these steps:. Select "On Date" from the "Ends" drop-down menu, then select a date to print the events through.

When you go to print this, all events for the selected days will be printed, including timed and all-day events. You can still select the monthly "mini calendar" that can get printed at the top of the list views as well.

1. Switch between daily and “list” view

TechRadar pro IT insights for business. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. Question When I print a calendar on my iMac it is not printing everything I have on my calendar. Answer When you print a calendar using the Calendar app on your Mac, there are a few different templates that you can choose from. The Calendar Month view can only fit so much information onto a single page - for more detailed information, print a list view instead. The totally redesigned menu bar app now displays a navigable mini-month calendar with colored dots and bars that provide a visual density map of your availability.

A scrolling list of your events and to dos are displayed in the menu along with a 8-day weather forecast. You can click on an event in the menu bar to view its details, and create new events and to dos using natural language.

iCloud: Customize the calendar view in iCloud

And, unlike other calendar apps, BusyCal's menu bar app is always running, even when the main BusyCal app is not running, so you always have access to your schedule. BusyCal enables you to create events and to dos using natural language. A preview of the event details are displayed while you type as it recognizes the title, date and time, location and more.

You can even use it to add contacts or attendees, set an alarm, add a URL, or to indicate the calendar to create the event on.

See calendar accounts you have access to

BusyCal displays a list of your calendars along with an optional mini month in the left sidebar. You can rearrange the list of calendars and use it to show, hide, and share calendars. You can also rename calendars, change calendar colors, or arrange related calendars into collapsible groups.

How to Find the ‘Missing’ Calendar List View in iOS 7.1

The Calendar List can be shown or hidden as needed. You can even create Calendar Sets to quickly toggle multiple calendars on or off with a single-click. The most common use of Smart Filters is for creating Calendar Sets, to quickly toggle multiple calendars on or off with a single click see above. You can also use Smart Filters to create saved searches e. BusyCal displays alarms in a movable, resizable floating window that offers the ability to snooze alarms for any number of minutes, hours or days. You can even snooze an alarm until a few minutes before the start of an event, and snooze multiple alarms at once.

And, unlike other calendar apps, BusyCal Alarms trigger even when the main BusyCal app isn't running, so you'll never miss an important appointment, meeting, or event. BusyCal allows you to tag events for tracking and filtering.

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Tags are user-defined labels with which you can categorize and color events in BusyCal. You can also search and filter events in your calendar based on tags. BusyCal displays a live 8-day weather forecast in three different styles based on your current location using Location Services. It can also show phases of the moon and sunrise and sunset times. BusyCal lets you add graphics to your calendar to highlight holidays, birthdays, and special events. You can select from hundreds of Emoji images built-in to macOS, or type a keyword into BusyCal to automatically search for images on IconFinder.

You can even drag images into BusyCal from your desktop or from the web.

2. See event details from the month view

By adding contacts to events in BusyCal, you have instant access to a contact's email address and phone number, as well as a record in BusyContacts of your interactions with those contacts. BusyCal syncs with the new BusyCal for iOS, which offers the same power, flexibility, and reliability that BusyCal for Mac users have enjoyed for years including customizable Day, Week, Month and List views, integrated To Dos, live weather, tags, and more.

It's the ultimate mobile companion to BusyCal on the Mac.