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Moreover, they are going to be displayed as a list, along with details such as name, title, artist, album, genre and date played. When recording to MP3, it is possible to control the bit rate of the output file expressed in Kbps, from to , as well as the sample rate HZ from to This software tool lets you record computer audio stream or online music, as well as audio input, with a microphone.

The audio source can be easily selected from the settings panel, along with other information such as the output folder, and enable proxy. In addition to that, you can automatically split tracks when silence is detected for more than a few seconds, only save songs longer than a user-input time and get music information while recording.

It is also possible to schedule a task, by inputting the start time and recording duration. After this process is finished, you can program the computer to shut down. During our tests, we did not register errors, bugs or crashes. Leawo Music Recorder. Dec 4th, Demo. New in Leawo Music Recorder 3.

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No virtual driver installation required. Leawo Music recorder is one of the top ranking music recording software programs available. Once you have your audio recorded.

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With one click, you can then upload your audio recording up to your iTunes account. You can use a task scheduler to set a time to start recording, and it will delay recording until the time that you told it to start at. Pros of Leawo Music Recorder. Leawo Music Recorder allows you to record audio from internal sources that could come from the internet or from outside sources with the use of a mic.

If you want to delay the start time for your audio recording, you can use a task scheduler to set times for your audio recordings to start, and the recording will wait until the proper time to begin. Leawo Music Recorder allows you to easily manage your audio recordings and add basic information to them like album covers, song titles and more.

You can also upload your recordings to iTunes. Cons of Leawo Music Recorder. You cannot use Leawo Music Recorder to make very complex edits in the production of your song.

Leawo’s Music Recorder lets you record music from all your favorite streaming platforms

If you want to make real significant or subtle changes to the mix of your song, you need more complex software. If your computer is using an online source for audio and the sources stops playing for any reason, Leawo will record the ambient noise in place of your actual desired audio. You cannot use Leawo Music Recorder to design your own album cover for a song.

You have to choose an already existing design to use or one from your gallery.

Leawo Music Recorder Mac

Features of Leawo Music Recorder. Leawo Music Recorder allows you to record audio from sources in your computer like online video websites or from the outside of your computer with devices like microphones that allow you to pick up outside noise. Leawo allows you to change song titles or pick album covers for any of your completed songs. If you have everything completed for song including the song title that you want and a good album cover, you can easily transport your piece of art to iTunes to be shared with everyone else.

Leawo Music Recorder Reviews. You can easily record audio from online sources like YouTube, or you can use a mic input to record the sound in the open air. Whatever you choose, you can record right off the bat or use a task scheduler to determine a time to start recording.

Powerful Music Recording Performance

This could, for example, help you if you are trying to record audio from a website you are trying to access and want to capture the moment that the audio starts. Once you have all of your audio recorded, you can easily edit or manage your files, and you can place information like an album cover or song title on any of your works.

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Once you have everything completed, you can easily use Leawo Music Downloader to upload your creation to iTunes. Feel free to submit your own opinion on Leawo Music Recorder! Share your opinion on Leawo Music Recorder. Email will not be published.

Music Recorder for Mac - Record Online Streaming Audio on Mac OS X

Your Opinion. Submit Your Review. Leawo Music Recorder has currently been reviewed with 1 opinions. In total, that's a combined rating of 5. Reviews Read Leawo Music Recorder review and free download.

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