Export imovie project from mac to ipad

Quick Fix - How to Sync iMovie Videos to iCloud

If you shot some great HD video clips with your iPhone and now you want to transfer them to your Mac hard drive, you just let the iMovie app help you. So long as you have your iPhone and your Mac connected via cable, you can simply start moving videos from your iPhone to your Mac with iMovie. To transfer several video clips to your Mac, you'd better create several projects and add one video clip to one project.

This method requires that your cable is available. Besides, it seems to be a troublesome process. So is there an easier and faster way to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac without cable? Tap the Share button , then tap the device you want to transfer to. If you have an iCloud account set up, you can add your movies or trailers to shared albums using iCloud Photo Sharing. Tap the Share button , then tap iCloud Photo Sharing. From the Video browser or Projects browser: Tap the video clip or project you want to share.

How to Upload iMovie to Google Drive

Tap the Share button , then tap iMovie Theater. The movie appears in iMovie Theater. From the Video browser, Projects browser, or Theater: Tap the video clip or movie you want to share. Tap the Share button , then tap Other Application.

How to Save an iMovie Project on iPhone or iPad: 8 Steps

For information about editing video clips in Photos using the iMovie video editing extension, see Make quick edits to clips in Photos. If you want to send your finished movie or trailer to your Mac so that you can view it there, save it to the photo library and then import it to your Mac using an app such as Photos.

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If you have an iCloud account, you can also save your movie or trailer to iCloud Drive and then download it to your computer. If you want to send any project to your Mac for backup or to edit it in iMovie for Mac, or if you want to edit the project further on another compatible iOS device such as iPad or iPhone , you should send the project to iTunes or iCloud Drive, or use AirDrop to quickly transfer files between devices.

For more information, see the instructions for those methods, covered elsewhere in this topic. Tap the Share button , then tap Save Video.

iMovie Tutorial - How To Export A Finished Movie

Medium produces a smaller file that uploads to the web more quickly. If you share a project using the HD p option and more than 50 percent of your project media is p video at 60 frames per second fps , the movie is saved in the p format at 60 fps. Otherwise, the movie is saved in p at 30 fps. When the export is complete, the finished movie appears in the photo library. You can access the photo library from the Photos app on your device. The next time you connect your device to your computer, you can import the movie file to a photo app, such as Photos, on your computer.

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To transfer your movie or trailer to your Mac or to another compatible iOS device such as iPad or iPhone , you can send the project to iTunes. Sending a movie or trailer to iTunes creates a consolidated version of the project—including all video clips, photos, and audio clips—that can be edited further.

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The original movie or trailer remains on the device where it was created. Tap the Share button , tap iTunes, then tap OK when the export is complete. Select iMovie in the Apps list below File Sharing you may need to scroll in the main window to see it.