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Am I crazy to consider a 2012 Mini for home server?

A quad-core Mac Mini and the Hades Canyon is less easy to call, especially since Apple could end up favoring cooler temps and throttle performance during extended workloads. Be prepared to pay big bucks no matter how much extra RAM you want, though. Apple systems usually require particular specifications for compatibility. Just unscrew and remove the bottom plate.

You get two M. It sports two Thunderbolt 3, a USB 3.

Regarding MacMini specifically, I have a quad-core 2. I also have several and Mac Minis doing 'server' type duties, and never have issues. I say go for the MacMini if you indeed to run macOS specific software They are great, but you may not need the quad-core Ivy i7.

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Why are we talking about Thunderbolt and expensive arrays for a home server? My mini has its external storage connected by old-school FireWire I'm using the server to handle Time Machine, other file sharing, media streaming, a few random odd-hour tasks that barely require any bandwidth, and Back to my Mac. Cheap, daisy-chained FireWire devices are more than good enough. If it were a mini, USB 3 would be even faster, cheaper, and easier.

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Also, since I diagnosed some bad RAM several years ago and got rid of it by upgrading the machine to 16 GB of new RAM my mini has been totally rock-solid and is showing no signs of aging or reliability issues. Another "late-to-the-game" comment Likewise, the hard drive is a bit harder to access and upgrade in the models -- though, not technically impossible. I actually bought a Core i5 Mini at my local Apple Retail Store not long after they introduced them -- and instantly had buyers remorse over the cramped GB hard drive.

The Quad-core processor is indeed noticeably faster at pretty much everything, than was the Core i5. That Mini still serves me quite well today, as the core of my home theater, and I'm pretty happy with it.

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Maybe it'll eventually be replaced by a proper xMac. Am I crazy to consider a Mini for home server?

Why I'm STILL Using a 2012 Mac Mini in 2017

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