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About the Catalog feature (Acrobat Pro)

To add a folder or an entire drive to your search, either type in the path for example, "C: To add an individual PDF file or files to your search, either type in the full path to the file for example, "C: PDF" into the address bar and press enter, or click the file icon to browse to and select the PDF file you wish to add.

You can tell UltraFinder what text to search for in your PDF files by simply typing or pasting the search text into the Find what field.

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You can configure your PDF search further with more filters and further find options if you'd like. To learn more about these options, please see the search and find text in files power tip.

PDF Search on Setapp | AI-powered text search inside PDF documents

Once your search options are set, run it by clicking Start. Each PDF file containing your search text is displayed in the results window with a light gray background.

You can sort the files containing the search text by clicking on the column headers. For example, clicking on the Created column header will sort the files from oldest to newest.

How to Search in PDF on Mac with Preview

Clicking Created a second time will sort the files from newest to oldest. Page content loaded.

Thanks for your reply, VikingOSX. Though perhaps obvious, text in images won't be found, and text containing white-space must be quoted.

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The PDFs I'm using are definitely searchable ones, because I've been searching within them for years. Thanks a lot, dialabrain! I just did what you said, and yes, the search function does seem to work after closing a particular PDF file in Preview and then reopening it. That's a helpful quick-fix for now, but I hope Apple fixes what seems to be a glitch with Mojave Preview. Thanks again!


You're welcome. It doesn't seem to be needed for all PDFs but I don't know why it's needed for any. Sep 30, 5: Mysterious, indeed!

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Oct 1, I believe related to the same issue I can select text but when copy it and try to paste, it's blank. The text is visually selected but can't be copied. Oct 12, 2: I have the same problem and i like to add that complete closing of preview and opening the pdf from finder leaves the PDF unsearchable. Closing the PDF in preview and opening it from preview again works.

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Oct 12, 5: Oct 23, 2: I found I could open a doc from the Finder into Books and then the search worked - it shows up in Preview. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.