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It doesn't make us amateurish, it simply means we have different needs. Thanks again for this solution! Wrong or right, my opinion is this.

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In Word , I could simply type a list of items in single space if I wanted. In Word , if I want to do the same thing, I have to do a shift-return after each item to avoid the double spacing. I am not used to typing in this way and it's a hard habit to break. For those who are saying it's wrong, why wasn't the auto paragraph spacing the default in Word 04?

How to double space for word document on Mac

If nothing else, though, just try cutting and pasting text from Word if you haven't put too returns in - your paragraphs are apparently "gone". For plain text formatting you really need those two returns. A better option would be for Word to recognise that two carriage returns directly after each other is a new paragraph perhaps it already does - I haven't experimented in detail. I just want to clarify something, however. This is why I need the extra space after a carriage return removed.

These jobs do not require extra space after a carriage return, in fact, they all require no space after a paragraph. I was not commenting on the use of an extra carriage return vs. I was helping people that want no space after paragraphs. The fact that this argument was even brought up here is a mystery to me. What do you do when you are already using double spacing?

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As a history student at University, my writing is done in double spacing. With the default extra space at the end of a paragraph that Word puts in by default there is quite a bit of space between one paragraph and another.

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Is this the proper way to do it with double spacing? It looks odd and there is quite a lot of space. This is a brilliant hint, although you're best off simply updating the default template to load with the "Don't add" box checked. That extra-space after paragraphs is unbearably annoying, followed closely by Calibri 11 as the default font. There's a reason we indent the first line of each paragraph. Adding any extra space between paragraphs is redundant and wrong akin to putting quotation marks around a block quotation.

Thanks for the hint. Double spacing after periods is a hold-over from typewriters, but most styles [like MLA] don't actually consider it wrong. The Word default works well for writing single-spaced essays or letters, but, as others have noted, it does not work well at all for double-spaced documents, which is the standard for academic writing. I am a historian writing a book in Word, and my editor at a major university press requires the manuscript in double space. The Word default in this instance is a major nuisance. Thanks for the fix! It's also no good for lots of other everyday uses, such as writing lists, taking notes, etc.

Thank you so much for this. The gap between lines when you hit return was maddening.

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    Change the 'after' default paragraph spacing in Word Feb 12, '08 For some unknown reason, Microsoft decided to set the Word spacing "after" a paragraph to 10 points by default. This makes it look as though you have pressed Carriage Return twice after a paragraph. To remedy this, do the following: Open Word. Highlight Normal in the Styles selection window, then press Modify. In the new window that opens, check the Add to Template box lower left. Now choose Paragraph from the pop-up menu in the lower left corner of that same window. In the new window, change the After setting to 0.

    Click OK twice to close windows, then press Apply in the main Style window. Quit Word and re-open. The default paragraph style should now have an "after" spacing of zero. Another way to do this is to leave the "after" spacing as-is, and just check the box that reads "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" on the Paragraph box it's just below the After pop-up menu. If you set it up this way, you'll only get the large gap if you change the style. Note that I added the bit in the instructions above about marking the 'add to template' box. If you don't do this, then the default template won't be updated to reflect your new settings.

    Change the 'after' default paragraph spacing in Word 16 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Change the 'after' default paragraph spacing in Word Authored by: Very bad advice!

    How to Adjust Spacing in Word for Mac - dummies

    Authored by: Putting empty paragraphs to create space after is bad practice. What Word is doing is correct and you should learn to work with it, not subvert it. By the narrow space you cannot highlight, you mean an automatic space between paragraphs. Monica Epstein. It solved my problem. Thank for the response as I am going through this problem now. At issue is this should not be happening at all!

    It is a flaw in WORD! When a typewriter is more responsive, you know the designer of this has limited abilities. Has Microsoft been informed they have a design issue? Thank you. I feel your pain. Still, it gives me something to write about!

    ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Word, how do I justify text on a page?

    I had tried removing all formatting by transferring to notepad before pasting back into Microsoft Word but even that did not work. Then I implemented your advice and that was it! Thanks for saving us lots of stress with this thoughtful article. In order for spacing between paragraphs to be active, Word must recognize your paragrpahs as paragraphs.

    In this case, Word will not recognize your blocks of text that look like paragrpahs as paragrpahs. If you see an arrow pointing down, and then to the left, you have a carraige-return after your block of text and Word will not apply paragraph spacing the that block of text. Simply delete the carraige-returns, then with the cursor positioned at the end of your paragraph, hit Enter. Lamont Johnson. Thanks this did the trick! I thought maybe it was some hidden characters but none showed up when I unhid special characters and markings.

    Thanks so much!!!! I often write these when I encounter a problem myself — none of us can know everything! It worked — but for only one document. Asa P. Every since my WORD has been defective. Unfortunately it depends on the document so you do often have to do it per document. You could try setting the paragraph spacing then saving as a new. I have a document that is double spaced, and whenever dialogue appears, there is an extra double space between paragraphs.

    Any suggestions? I use Mac Word Thank you for your comment. So I suggest you search for a Mac version of these instructions in this case. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

    Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. LibroEditing proofreading, editing, transcription, localisation proofreading, editing, writing, transcription and localisation. My spaces between paragraphs are uneven — help! I was working on a bibliography for a client. This gives you the Spacing menu: I highlighted all of the text. I right-clicked on the highlighted text and chose Paragraph from the options: I pressed OK and the paragraphs all behaved beautifully.

    Find all the short cuts here … Share this: Like this: Like Loading Liz at Libro September 4, at 1: Thanks for the tip for sure!! Cathy McPhalen September 4, at 1: Luci September 4, at 4: Liz at Libro September 4, at 5: Desiree Dreeuws September 4, at 5: I hope this helps, do drop by to let me know! Allison Rand De Busk October 18, at 6: Liz at Libro October 18, at 7: Pedro January 19, at I am finishing a 50 page report for the day after tomorrow and this was stealing precious time, thanks Like Like. Liz at Libro January 19, at 1: Matt February 13, at Was driving me nuts thanks a bunch Like Like.

    Liz at Libro February 13, at ChrisR April 23, at 1: Liz at Libro April 23, at 1: Melissa September 11, at 1: Jeff H October 23, at 8: Liz Dexter October 23, at 8: Liz Dexter February 26, at 8: April 9, at 2: Mahadevan July 21, at 9: Timothy Takemoto nihonbunka October 29, at 8: Fortunately the problem is limited to one document so, I am okay.

    Liz Dexter November 1, at 5: Liz Dexter December 9, at Elsavanl January 21, at 9: John March 7, at Liz Dexter March 8, at 6: I hope that helps — let me know how you get on.