Best hd monitors for mac mini

This monitor has a pixel resolution of x , which is four times the normal Full HD. This is why it provides visuals that appear to be real on the inch display area. When you need to connect this monitor to your Mac Mini, it will be easy and straightforward. The monitor comes with an ergonomic stand, with an option to mount on the wall.

First thoughts

You can adjust the monitor by swiveling, tilting, pivoting or adjusting the height. The screen is loaded with versatile features, which will improve productivity when using your Mac Mini. See latest price here. The monitor is stunning and has an appealing design. This explains the super clear images that you will view on the screen and the vantage point of view that allows you to work from any angle. The monitor has an ultra-slim panel that does not have a frame; it is borderless and as such can be easier to connect several monitors seamlessly. There are two integrated speakers on the monitor; this makes it an ideal choice for playing video files or even video chats.

With the Blue Light Filter and Flicker free technology, your eyes will be protected even when you are forced to look at the monitor for extended periods. This monitor may be ideal for casual tasks when you are using your Mac Mini, but may be limited in professional tasks like editing or graphic design.

See price here. Last, but not the least on our list is the Planar PLLW, which is considered to be the cheapest monitor on the market, of its kind. It has a slim design that will not take up too much space and will conserve energy when in use. Besides the low price, the monitor has amazing features that allow it to perform as other superior monitors. It has a Full HD p resolution and a fast response time. You can mount the screen as you would like since it is compatible with the mm VESA mount standard.

Ultimately, the monitor will serve the purpose it is intended for and the good thing is that you will not be forced to spend a fortune. This is a great option for all Mac Mini users, looking for an external monitor. Check price here. There you have it; finding the best monitor for Mac Mini should be much easier now.

You will realize that most of these monitors that work with the Mac Mini are almost similar. It is important to look out for the distinguishing features. When you find one monitor that seems to suit your needs, compare with others in the same range and you may end up spending very little, and still get a great monitor. Be keen on the features that we highlighted above and if possible check out reviews from other users with a Mac Mini.

At the end of it all, you will certainly a monitor that will work perfectly with your Mac Mini and improve your productivity. Best of luck in your shopping journey! The display is usually has deep colors, very bright and has a high contrast ratio. This will make any presentation appear clear and vibrant. The initial set up of connecting an external monitor to your Mac Mini is quite simple and will not take much of your time.

Next, size

A monitor for your Mac Mini will increase your productivity level, since you will get a wider display screen. Monitors for Mac Mini will make it possible for various professionals to use the Mac, effectively; these include photo editors, videographers and graphic experts. With the rich colors and improved image per pixel, the text is clear and all the images are sharp, which minimizes the margin of error on tasks being worked on.

Cons There are a few drawbacks that are associated with external monitors for the Mac Mini. Some of the key challenges include: When you have a wide display, you may easily lose the cursor of the mouse and this may affect your productivity. Since you will get a very large display area, the cursor movement will increase, from what you were used to. This may also be tiring. Factors to Consider Before making a decision on the particular monitor to buy, there are a few considerations that you should bear in mind. Here are some of the key considerations: Response Time The type of task that you will be using the monitor for, will determine the response time to go for.

Resolution The Full high definition is x p and as such you need to find monitors with Full HD.

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  6. Dell U2415 UltraSharp Monitor.

Dell U UltraSharp Monitor If you are a photo editor or work in the graphics profession, this is one of the best options available on the market. Check price here Conclusion There you have it; finding the best monitor for Mac Mini should be much easier now. Here I will recommend some very nice options. Our tips for buying a monitor will help you pick the model that best fits your preferences and needs.

And if we have a bit more of a budget and space , the 27 inch screens are great for seeing every detail. For general PC use not to replace a TV in a room , a Operating System and any software.


If you do work such as photo or video editing and need to open many windows, you should choose a larger screen such as a , or even a inch monitor. Closely tied to the screen size is the resolution. On the other hand, if this is not an aspect we are too concerned about, choosing a lower resolution is also acceptable.

We need to remember, however, that paying a bit more is almost always worth it, especially for the larger screen. Your palettes tools can also be set to an incredible number. These pictures also require the ability to zoom in and out in a photo editing program like Photoshop and also to display text and fonts clearly and at the correct size. This differs from standard video, television or gaming monitor usage.

Most computer software applications are designed to make use of full high definition resolutions, which results in text that is easily viewed from a standard distance away. In 4K format, text minimizes to an uncomfortable level in the same programs and software apps. If you combine software usage from even two or three years ago with the new 4K option, the size of your text will be unreadable. This makes for very difficult computing and a lot of frustration between modern technology usage and keeping older but not yet obsolete software.

In order to get the best benefit from 4K, you need to make sure that the programs you use work well with it. Many of the standard Windows applications work well with 4K already although some Windows desktop ecosystems may lag behind this technology. By far the most popular graphics and photography editing software, Adobe Photoshop, is already working well with 4K displays. Even the largest pictures can be viewed with full detail at high resolutions and in actual size without the need to zoom in or out or scroll the workspace.

The entire Photoshop interface scales easily so you have no problem accessing all your favorite tools and palettes.

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If you are regularly engaged in photography or graphics editing or work with videos, a 4K monitor is virtually essential. To conclude, my personal opinion is that the 4K display capabilities are very attractive but not quite yet practical for all uses. In your excitements about this new technology, it is still important to hang back a bit and make sure all your existing hardware and the programs you use regularly work with the 4K monitor before you purchase one.

Some panel types are good at certain things, and others are good at other things. But none of them are good at everything. This is one of the most common, cheapest, and oldest technologies in the market. They possess a very good update frequency and TN panels can be found at Hz. They are very good for video games and 3D content but have problems with colors and viewing angles especially in vertical.

Depending on the angle some colors may seem more opaque or there may be some loss of detail. Read More: Best Gaming Monitor. These are far better at showing colors and viewing angles than the TN panel type but not as good with response time, especially from black to white. These panels do have very good response time from dark colors to other dark colors. This kind of panel is widely used in mobile phones and tablets because no matter what the angle from which you are viewing it, the colors will vary very little.

They are a bit slower at response times than the TNs and much more expensive. These are more expensive but have more realistic brightness and sharpness.

How to pick the best monitor for your new Mac mini

These some of the terms you should keep in mind when buying a screen. Compared to a conventional VA panel, it provides better image quality in oblique angles and improves the colour washout thanks to new technology that creates more domains than conventional MVA LCDs and reduces the variation of transmittance in oblique angles.

Higher contrast ratio is the main improvement of the AMVA panel. Through optimized colour resistance, the contrast ratio can be up to The available connections are fundamental when choosing and buying a monitor. Nowadays, it is essential for a screen to have at least one HDMI input. These inputs are fully digital and provide the best quality, as well as being the most common on new electronic devices.

Another interesting aspect, although less common outside the high-end, is an integrated USB port in order to connect external memory sticks or some other kind of peripheral. As for contrast, the manufacturers tend to indicate the dynamic or artificial , but the real contrast is the true determinant.

Best Monitors for Mac Mini 2018: Ultimate Display for the Compact Mac

Below 1. If we are thinking of playing video games, the response time should be low in order for the moving images to not leave much of a track at least 5 milliseconds. Until recently, you had to take special notice on these three values, but generally, modern monitors start from an acceptable minimum and these will only make a difference if we chose to buy a high-end screen.

This will allow us to enjoy full ergonomics and to be able to work in a comfortable position. Some can have the height and inclination adjusted, and some may even be rotated a little.