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Bill Clinton didn't help , of course, but the fact that the song was co-optable for sloganeering purposes in the first place simply means that it was a cut more basic than the rest of Rumours to begin with. Apologies to Christine McVie, who ends up with the three lowest-ranked songs on the album -- she makes up for it with her fourth song on the set, which we'll get to much higher up -- and no hate meant for "Songbird," an entirely lovely piano-and-guitar ballad that makes an exquisite end to the album's A-side.

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But Fleetwood Mac only have one truly timeless, unforgettable acoustic anthem, and this isn't it. For one of classic rock's definitive albums, it remains a little jarring what a red-herring the set opens with: Lindsey Bukcingham's rollicking "Second Hand News," a sort of "Monday Morning" redux that points towards little of the intrigue and brutality of the rest of the album. Another of the set's folkier numbers, propelled ever forward by some antsy handclaps and a tempo that feels set about 10 bpm faster than it should, creating a nervous energy that would set the tone for much of the album's controversial follow-up, 's Tusk.

Not Rumours ' best song but arguably its most definitive, and certainly the greatest team effort -- it's the album's only track in which all five members receive writing credits, and also the only one in which McVie, Buckingham and Nicks all contribute to the lead vocal.

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Months before they started tour rehearsal, the band cut a four-song EP titled Extended Play with producer Mitchell Froom. They played their asses off.

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It was a great experience. From the Archives: Fleetwood Mac: Happy at the Top. She and I have known each other since high school. It was really kind of the best stuff that we have done in a while.

Every Song on Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' Ranked

I believe it was written when we were in the process of culling material for a possible second Buckingham-Nicks album, before we were dropped by Polydor. Stevie Nicks says that she rediscovered the song on YouTube. Perhaps the most important thing Fleetwood Mac has taught us is that well crafted songs are timeless, and that rock 'n' roll will never die. The song was written after Nicks and Buckingham split and Stevie was readjusting to life off the road and redefining what home meant to her.

Kiss And Run Lyrics

A departure from her usual self-confident lyrics, 'Hold Me' finds McVie expressing trepidation about her relationship with Wilson. It resulted in a beautiful song and another surrealistic video based on several paintings by Rene Magritte.

The band was not getting along at the time of the video shoot, and their tension is palpable in the final version. Talk about "F You" songs! While the song is sunny and bright on the surface, the deeper context is the anger and pain Buckingham felt. Somehow, he transformed it into an instantly recognizable song.