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Darling could potentially "be used to run applications compiled for iOS," he writes on the project site. This will also be a challenge. You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content A difficult task: I wondered a few years ago why no one had done this yet. Apparently it was a lot more complex than I considered.

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Linux now offers a pleasant desktop user experience and there's no way back for me. I was a Linux user 10 years ago but moved to being a Mac one, mainly because I was tired of maintaining an often broken system hello xorg. To be frank, I was a happy Apple user in the early years, then the shine started to fade; messing up your system after upgrades became more frequent, Apple apps grown more and more bloated and intrusive hello iTunes , UX started turning Kafkaian at times, too often I was finding myself tweaking and repairing stuff from the terminal The trigger was pulled when Apple announced their MacBook line, with strange connectivity decisions like having a unique port for everything and using dongles: If even their top notch hardware started to turn weird, it was probably time to look elsewhere.

And now I see their latest MBP line with the Esc key removed so you can't escape anymore, haha , I'm kinda comforted in my decision.

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Meanwhile, since I've joined Mozilla and the Storage team , I could see many colleagues happily using Linux, and it didn't feel like they were struggling with anything particular. Oddly enough, it seemed they were capable of working efficiently, both for professional and personal stuff. I finally took the plunge and ordered a Lenovo X1 Carbon , then started my journey to being a Linux user again. I didn't debate this for days, I installed the latest available Ubuntu right away as it was the distribution I was using before moving to OSX I even contributed to a book on it!

Running ubuntu and linux programs on mac os x

I was used to Debian-based systems and knew Ubuntu was still acclaimed for its ease of use and great hardware support. I wasn't disappointed as on the X1 everything was recognized and operational right after the installation, including wifi, bluetooth and external display. I was greeted with the Unity desktop, which was disturbing as I was a Gnome user back in the days.

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  7. Up to a point I installed the latter, though in its version 3 flavor , which was also new to me. I like Gnome3. It's simple, configurable and made me feel productive fast.

    OS X apps run on Linux with Wine-like emulator for Mac software

    Though out of bad luck or skills and time to spend investigating, a few things were not working properly: After a few weeks, I switched back to Unity, and I'm still happily using it today as it has nicely solved all the issues I had with Gnome which I still like a lot though. Let's be honest, the Apple keyboard French layout is utter crap, but as many things involving muscle memory, once you're used to it, it's a pain in the ass to readapt to anything else.

    I struggled for something like three weeks fighting old habits in this area, then eventually got through. Last, a bunch of OSX apps are not available on Linux, so you have to find their equivalent, when they exist. The good news is, most often they do. What also changed in last ten years is the explosion of the Web as an application platform. Just ensure using a modern Web browser like Firefox, which luckily ships by default in Ubuntu. The cool thing is it acts as a bouncer so it keeps track of messages when you go offline, and has a nice Android app which syncs.

    There is obviously lots of things Web apps can't do, like searching your local files or updating your system.


    And let's admit that sometimes for specific tasks native apps are still more efficient and better integrated by definition than what the Web has to offer. I was a hardcore Alfred. On Linux there's quite no strict equivalent though Unity Dash , Albert or synapse can cover most of its coolness. If you use the text shortcuts feature of Alfred or if you use TextExpander , you might be interested in AutoKey as well. I couldn't spot any obvious usability difference between Nautilus and the OSX Finder , but I mostly use their basic features anyway.

    Mac runs Linux better than itself / The slow Macbook Pro.

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