Install phpmyadmin mac os x snow leopard

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By default, Lion unzips it, and moves the zip file to trash. Just drug the zip file out of the trash and moved on. I have gone thru the instructions several time by still dont see where I am going wrong. When I type http: Any help would be appreciated.

Installing phpMyAdmin on Mac OS X Lion

Then I saved it. I did everything else successfully but upon loading http: I dug into this If you tell it to connect to So probably you have MySQL configured to only listen to the network socket and not to the file system socket. More info over at http: As a number of people have mentioned, Step 9 needs some straightening up for those of us no so Terminal savvy yet. Can you simply clarify show us what the file itself should look like rather than including the sudo editor command with the funky quotes that seem to be confusing everyone? Or post a sample file?

When I hit the http: This scuttled the end game. Thanks for the detail in this post. It totally helped me get phpMyAdmin working on my new Lion machine. Step 9 is a friggin mess.

The perfect way to blow the whole tutorial and leave people hanging. All it would take is a little bit of explanation as to what is actually happening. Thanks for this tutorial, as well as the MYSQL install instructions — both were real simple and helpful. Hey im using mac os x lion to setup phpmyadmin so it can manage mysql..

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I had all of this working a while ago in Leopard, but for some reason when I go to http: It has a link to the parent directory and the port file. How can I fix this? I also had problems on step 9. For me I needed to put: Just use Sequel Pro instead and live longer. I have OS X Then when I remove the file, Apache starts to function again, and web sharing is again possible, but for phpMyAdmin I am back to square 1.

Thanks a lot.

Andy's Blog: Setting up Mac OS X Snow Leopard as an Apache, MySQL, PHP (MAMP) web server

I set up all the files correctly, I think. But when I went to http: MySQL said: Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Where is this?

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Ciao man! Thanks for sharing your experiences! There are 2 issues in the post: Is this the same procedure for Lion Server?

Setting up PHP & MySQL on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Any ideas?? You can download it from Apple; I have updated the instructions with the link to Xcode above. After setting everything back to normal i followed your steps — and — hooray — it works! Your email address will not be published. Mac OS X Tags: July 4, Reply. Thanks for the guide.

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July 12, Reply. Thanks for the catch about 5. I corrected it. July 20, Reply. I get as far as downloading the libmcrypt file, unpacking it, but when I get to the step: September 28, Reply. November 28, Reply. November 24, Reply. February 23, Reply. Muchas Gracias! March 20, Reply. August 15, Reply. Seriously good guide, easy to follow and well written. Thank you, saved me a lot of research and time.